Financial Goals

I'm going to write about my financial goals here.  I will place the latest revision first.  Some will be ongoing and will be the same for each revision, while I hope to see others removed or clarified more fully during each revision.

January 2011

Short Term:

  • Re-save whatever was used from the emergency fund as quickly as possible before saving for any other goals.  We must be prepared for another emergency at any time so the emergency fund will be top priority.
  • Continue paying down current debt.  This will also be a long-term goal as I expect to add a bit of debt for the home addition. 
  • Continue paying down current debt.  I expect this will take a little longer than a year to do so it will stay as a short-term and a long-term goal until I’m close to paying everything off.
  • Save for trip to Italy.  I may have to double my efforts on this since I have to stop contributing to our travel fund until we start getting paid again and the emergency fund is re-established.