Sunday, May 11, 2008

Money Earned Online

I wanted to take a moment to explain my "Money Earned Online" list in my sidebar.  

Basically it highlights all of the ways I currently make some additional cash online, generally from surveys and paid e-mails.  Though I have made money through (subsidiary of in the past so I'll need to add them and I'm considering selling through, as well (I'm a little unsure if I want to deal with the hassle of selling things other than books and videos).

For those companies that send merchandise in lieu of cash (through checks and/or paypal) or monetary gift cards, then I will look up the current monetary value of the product and place that amount next to the company.  For example, I just cashed out some points with Zoompanel for a book.  After looking online at, I found the price to be $7.99 at this time to purchase the book new.  So next to Zoompanel you will see an amount for $7.99.  There are very few that give merchandise only so a majority of the cash you see with be for actual cash or gift cards received.

I may fool around with the list a bit by perhaps adding how many points/money I have, but am unable to cashout at this time due to not hitting their limits yet, and/or how much is still needed to cashout again.  I really haven't decided if that is something I would want to do or not.  I already keep a spreadsheet on my computer to keep track so it would be just a matter of adding it to the sidebar.  

Also, I'll be considering whether to add referral links below each company or not, if available.  I don't like to pressure people, which is why I barely have referrals for any of the survey companies I am currently signed up with, but I also know that some people are interested and for those it would be available for them.  If I add the links, then signing up will be their commitments or pressure.

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