Friday, May 9, 2008

Payday Activities

Hubby got paid yesterday so I did my usual every two week payday thing.  

First I checked to see the final balance in my checkbook for the end of the day for May 7th and zeroed it out by transferring the remaining money to different savings funds.

Next I transferred $442.60 to my mortgage savings account for 1/2 the mortgage payment (P&I and escrows), so it will be available for the June automatic payment withdrawal.

Then I paid any remaining bills.  They have all now been deducted and/or scheduled for the remainder of the month and all except two will be deducted from this pay period.  The other two have been scheduled to be sent after the next pay period in two weeks.

The only remaining things to take care of this month is interest received, VA Benefit received, the IRS rebate which has to be disbursed to various areas, the college grant remaining after tuition payment, and the 5/22 paycheck and 1/2 mortgage transfer. Once those are complete, I can begin taking care of June's bills.

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