Friday, June 13, 2008

ENFJ--Idealist Teacher Personality

I'm going a bit off the topic here today, though I guess if you really think about it you could interpret my personality into how I would handle money.

I had to take this test for my Personality Theories class.  It is a shorter version of the Myers-Briggs test based on Carl Jung and his theories.  I've taken it before, but thought this was an interesting test to put out there.

My personality came out as ENFJ or Idealist Teacher Personality (Extraverted--22%, Intuitive--25%, Feeling--25%, and Judging--44%).  While it seems I would be more Introverted than Extraverted, and I do have many Introverted characteristics, I tend to crave getting out and around people after being at home too long.

I enjoy being organized yet at the same time my desk never stays neat.  I clean it and then somehow I always end up with papers all over the place.  But my finances are neat and organized.  I plan things meticulously.  I'm constantly making lists.  My checkbook, stamps, address labels, payment coupon books are all in one organized place.  My bills are set up on Quicken so I never miss a payment date.  Yet I can barely find a pad of paper on my desk if I need to make a note.

Overall the test was pretty accurate with its description and the career choices for my personality match the areas I'm currently studying.

What is your personality?  How do you feel it reflects with how you deal with your personal finances?

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