Sunday, June 15, 2008

June Mid-Month Numbers

Since it is the middle of the month I thought going over the numbers so far would be an interesting thing to do.

So far this month we have spent:

Gas: $279.71 (My husband's costs are going up, but I'm driving less now that the boys are out of school.  I've been on the same tank of gas since I filled up on May 31st!  I'm just below half a tank now.)

Dining: $117.60 (Grrrr....we've been splurging a bit.  Mostly because I've been busy with other things.)

Groceries: $115.76 (We haven't been doing too bad with the grocery purchases.  I will have to do another stock up, but probably not until July.  Right now is mostly milk and bread runs and other little things here and there.)

Prescriptions: $63.91 (It's been one of those months where either a lot of prescriptions need to be refilled and/or a three-month supply needs refilling.  Most of these are mine--my husband only has one prescription--I have three prescriptions and three specific doctor-required vitamins to fill/buy.)

Work Lunches (Hubby's only): $59.52 (He has yet to bring leftovers to work the next day in the new container he purchased a while back.  But in his defense there really hasn't been any leftover lately.  I hope we have some soon and then he can start saving us some money here.)

My husband gets one more paycheck this month, which will take care of the end of June bills and beginning of July bills.  I'm really looking forward to July because it's a 3-paycheck month!


Holly said...

The gas is getting to me. I have never spent more before on gas!

ALNV said...

Gas really is getting to be too much! It would be nice if it would at least stabilize!