Sunday, June 1, 2008

May Numbers

Here are some numbers for May now that the month is over:


  • From our credit union we got a whopping $0.24 interest in our checking account and $0.82 interest in our savings account.  Woohoo...$1.06!!!!  Do you hear the sarcasm?  
  • In our online savings account we got $6.59 in interest.  That really is a BIG woohoo!
  • My VA benefit is scheduled to be transferred into our online savings account
  • I've scheduled for $33.99 from our round up from checking fund to be transferred into our online savings account.  This is down from the April amount of $42.11, but my theory is that it also means we spent less.

  • Gas--$651.20 (I was really surprised this is still in the $600 range)
  • Groceries--$423.40 (This comes out to $105.85 per week for a family of 4--not too bad)
  • Dining Out--$147.85 (This is about $36.96 per week in dining out)
  • Dining: Work Lunches (hubby)--$109.29 (This is better than April.  I'm hoping it will go down with him taking lunch to work a couple of days per week)

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