Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vanguard, Water, and 2-Week End

Lots of different things to discuss this time.

Vanguard got my check and promptly applied it to my account.  I've already made an additional $0.01 too!  :-)

This morning I woke up, put water in my kettle to make tea, and started a load of laundry.  The washer was almost filled up and the water stopped!  Apparently someone broke the main water line--I'm not going to mention who, but "idiot who was doing construction on new 4-lane road near our house" is probably the most likely candidate!  

Because of this, I brought the boys out for lunch at McDonald's.  I did have a coupon for a free kid's meal from when my youngest went to a birthday party.  Free is always nice!  Since we were already out I filled up the car ($41.82!  But it has been 18 days since my last fill-up!) and stopped by Walmart for a few needed supplies and two 2-drawer filing cabinets to complete the first desk in my office makeover.

Again another 2-weeks has passed!  I had $19 left, which I split among the "savings funds", though some just replaced what I transferred back due to the stupid Dish Network bill.

All the bills have now been paid for the rest of the month:

$442.60 transferred to savings for 1/2 July mortgage payment
$36.75 paid for my car registration--yep it's my birthday this month!
$69.60 bill set up to be paid 6/20 for water/sewer/garbage with city
$139.14 bill set up to be paid 6/23 for electric
$62.22 bill set up to be paid 6/23 for landline and internet (we would love to get rid of the landline, but it would take a lot of shuffling around other services to do it--so for now we are keeping it)

I'm now just waiting for June to be over to update my debt, net worth and move into July with 3 paychecks!

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