Tuesday, July 15, 2008

PF Goals, Survey Companies, Expected Future Expenses, Considerations

PF Goals

I haven't talked about my 101 Personal Finance Goals for a while.  I guess it's because I'm still stuck at #46.  *sigh*  I need to spend some time thinking about what else I'd like to accomplish, though I suppose I don't have to think of them all at once.  I still welcome any ideas on the subject and would love to hear if you've started your own personal finance goals!

Survey Companies

I updated the money earned online section in my sidebar.  I'm seriously considering paring down quite a few of them once I hit their next payouts.  A few take way too long to earn any money and probably are not worth my time.  Others have me spend too much time on surveys and then tell me I'm not qualified without giving a partial payment or points.  
  • American Consumer Opinion--I think I'll keep them on there.  They don't send many requests, but the few they do are usually worth my time.
  • ClearVoice Surveys--Like American Consumer Opinion they have few survey requests, but are pretty worthwhile, though it does take a while to earn enough.
  • Clixsense--Not worth it.  Would probably be better if they sent me reminder emails so I know what is available, but they don't so I miss out on a lot of them.  I may just cancel it now and call it a loss.
  • Deals'n'Cash--I just started with them so I may give them some more time.  But it doesn't look good for them either.
  • Ebates--Oh I'm keeping them!  I love shopping through them and getting cash back on items I would have bought anyway!
  • epoll--I'm split with them.  They've been good in the past...nice short surveys, but I haven't been getting them lately.
  • Global Test Market--I like them.  Their surveys can sometimes be on the long side, but the ones I don't qualify for still get me reduced points.  Plus I love the payouts--$50 for 1000 points and I've been getting a lot of survey requests so even if I don't qualify it adds up.
  • Hits4Pay--It's like Deals'n'Cash (same company) and I may get rid of them once I get the payout because the emails are not really compatible with what I selected.
  • InboxDollars--Takes too long to earn money.  I've been working for this first payout since last year and that's just too long!  $5.09 more and bye-bye to them.
  • Lightspeed Panel--I like them, too.  Survey requests can be spotty, but overall they are a keeper.
  • Mindfield Online--I used to like them, but since I've switched to Mac they don't like my browser, Safari, so it's taking longer to earn the payout.  Too bad!
  • MyPoints--KEEPER!
  • Netwinner--They are pretty much just for fun.  I don't expect to ever win anything though it would be nice if I did.  I don't play often, but I'll leave them there for fun.
  • NFO MySurvey--I like them, too.  Nice short surveys when I get them and the points add up sufficiently for payout.
  • Opinion Outpost--I used to love them, but I'm just not getting any survey requests anymore.  It's been almost a year since I've gotten one and I updated my profiles, too.  It's a shame, but they'll have to go, too.
  • RewardTV--I just started with them, but like Netwinner they are just for fun.
  • Send Earnings--Like InboxDollars they'll be out of here when I earn the payout...only $20.46 to go!  It'll take a little longer to get rid of them.
  • SurveySavvy--I just started with them and so far I like them alright.
  • SurveySpot--I'm not sure about them.  Still thinking about it.
  • SurveyTeam--They'll probably be gone.  It really wasn't set up how I thought they were and I don't like them.
  • Synovate--LOVE THEM!  They increased their points value recently and also give partial points depending on how much of a survey you qualify for and complete.
  • Testspin--I'm getting pretty sick of them.  I liked them in the past, but they are getting ridiculous now.  I just need $4.00 to close them out.
  • Zoompanel--They are great!  They give 5 points if you do not qualify and the surveys are pretty good, too.
I think I got them all listed there.  So anyway...the list on the sidebar should be getting smaller little by little as I get a payout with some of them and others will just be going away.

Expected Future Expenses

I'm expecting a few extra expenses soon.  I know I'll be getting a bill soon for my last endocrinologist appointment in June.  That is usually in the $100s because he's a specialist and I haven't reached my deductible yet...and probably never will.

I just made the boys each a much needed appointment for a new pediatric dentist here in town.  Unfortunately, they don't accept insurance so I'll need to pay in full and get reimbursed.  They do sometimes put insurance claims in as a courtesy, but I may want to do it myself and know it's done correctly and I have a copy of the claim in case something goes wrong.

School supplies will be coming up soon as they go back to school in 4 1/2 weeks!  YAY!  Did I just say that?  I meant: "Oh darn!  Now I won't be enjoying their wonderful presence during the day!"  That sounds good, right?


So I'm considering whether or not to buy a domain name for this blog (not necessarily Ditch My Debt because it's already taken...I've checked so I have some ideas) or just keep it where it is for now.  

I'm in the process of considering the pros and cons for both.  I'm not much for programming and stuff so I'm a little leery of that, but my husband is a programmer.  I'm just not sure I want his hands on my blog...LOL.  I can do little things in HTML, but not full programming.  But if I find a good template, then I won't need to worry much about that.  *sigh*  It would be nice to have my own domain, but I wonder if it would be more work than I'm willing to give right now or not.  I obviously have some more research to do in the area.  

Any suggestions, clues, tips, hints, information...you get the idea...would be welcome!

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