Friday, August 8, 2008

Landline Discussion

My husband and I have been discussing this whole landline issue for the last couple of days.  He has done some research looking for different options.  It seems that the services available to us either take something away we really want/need or are more expensive.  Or they are not available at all to us as of yet.

Our conclusion?  We're going to stick it out for a little bit with what we have.  

You see our small city is starting to really grow.  All kinds of new things are going on: a new town center is being built with shops, offices, medical facilities, a movie theatre, townhouses, etc.; new developments (business and home) will be happening over the next 20 years out on U.S. 1 (though we won't wait 20 years to change phone service); new roads are being built.  

All this growth means, hopefully, better services and more competition.  We'll be holding out with the hope that the infrastructure will improve drastically over the next couple of years along with the prices/services available.  

In the meantime, we'll keep an eye out on anything interesting that can replace our landline (re: extra unnecessary expense), while still providing us with the internet services we require.  And we'll even look into replacing our paid security system with a homemade system to cut those costs--though that really is an entire other issue all together.  Maybe I'll touch on that issue later along with the costs associated with setting it up (*makes note to self*).

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