Monday, October 20, 2008


DH paid $2.799/gallon for gas this morning and I paid the same at a different station this afternoon!  Usually we've been paying up to $65.00 to fill up DH's truck and about $40.00 to fill up my car.  But today it was $44.50 and $27.02!  I am so happy!  I know it would be better if it went even lower, but for now this is exciting to me!

On another note...DH made a mistake and bought something using the debit card instead of using the credit card that I told him to use to replace a piece of important computer equipment that died on us.  It totally threw off my entire budget for these two weeks.  Especially since things were already tight because it was a 2-week period where it seems all the bills decided to be due.  In the next 2-week period coming up there are absolutely no bills due!  So I've had to borrow from our blow money "accounts" and will replace it when we get paid later this week.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear that you were able to save money at the pump. Hopefully the cost keeps dropping. Let's cross our fingers! Thanks for sharing your good news!

Andrea said...

I'm definitely crossing fingers on it going lower! The last fill up for DH was $2.699!