Friday, December 12, 2008

Consolidation of Blogs

I am currently in the process of consolidating my blogs into one new blog.  As much as I enjoy each of my blogs, I'm afraid I don't have as much time as I would like to keep up with all of them separately.  Therefore, soon there will be a brand new blog that will encompass posts on my personal finance, genealogy, home and garden projects, and anything else I feel like posting.  I feel that at this time it will allow me more flexibility to post in times when there is more subject matter to discuss in one area over another.  I will post the website here as soon as I am ready to go live with it.

This blog has been extremely enjoyable for me to work on and I hope everyone that follows it will enjoy the new one!


Low Cost Insurance said...

debt negotiation I am curious why someone would abandon a blog if you are getting traffic to it.

Andrea said...

Good question! It's simply about time management and broadening my subject matter. Even though I'm not posting here any longer, I haven't abandoned the subject. It's just in a new location and mixed with interests from my other blogs.

Thanks for the comment.