Saturday, February 26, 2011

Coming Back Soon

I’ll be creating new posts here soon.  I’m going to bring the Ditch My Debt blog back to handle financial related posts and leave Mom's Many Projects to talk about everything else. 
Ditch My Debt will be about money, personal finances, great deals I got, paying down debt, et cetera. 

Mom’s Many Projects will continue to be about my projects, such as genealogy, school, family, home projects, cooking, meal plans, et cetera. 

There may be some overlaps, but I’ll try to handle those by splitting up the posts.  So you may find a meal plan post on Mom’s Many Projects and a financial post on how much I saved at the grocery store on Ditch My Debt.

This all came about because I was copying down my old posts from all my blogs (old and current) to save on my computer as sort of a diary of posts by year.  As I was doing this I noticed a couple of things:

1) I really enjoyed Ditch My Debt and it seems the only reason I abandoned it was because I created too many blogs at once and wanted to consolidate them (I had three at the time).  What I should have done was keep Ditch My Debt and consolidated the other two only into Mom’s Many Projects.  Two blogs are easier to handle than three!

2) Mom’s Many Projects is losing its focus because I’m concentrating on too many big topics.  Financial issues is a big enough topic on its own without adding in all kinds of other topics.  So separating it out into its own blog makes more sense than trying to tie it into all the other topics.

3) I might as well give it a try and see what happens!  I’ll be graduating from college soon which will give me more time to develop and play around with the two blogs until I see how it all works out.  I really like the concept of each of them, though I know tweaking them will always be a constant!

I still have some work to do on them before I can totally bring them back.  I’m hoping in the next couple of weeks I can fix up the Ditch My Debt blog to work well since it’s been abandoned for a couple of years.  Mom’s Many Projects doesn’t need as much work, but does need some little fixes and a clearer path worked out.

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