Friday, April 1, 2011

Paycheck Issue

We had a big issue getting our second paycheck from hubby's workplace.  It was the first time for direct deposit and for some reason it didn't go through. 

Now I've been banking with this place for 15 years and never once have we had a problem getting direct deposit set up.  But for some reason this time they've decided I need to have additional numbers in order for it to go through.  UGH!

So we had to put a stop order on the deposit through his employer.  The funds were sent back to them and they've cut us a check that should be here sometime early next week.

Hubby went into the payroll system to add the new digits so hopefully direct deposit will work for our April 15th check!  *crossing fingers*

We'll have to be careful for the next few days not to spend too much since this was supposed to be our first full paycheck.  On the plus side though we won't have to wait that much longer for our next paycheck once we receive this one!

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