Monday, May 19, 2008

Grocery Shopping Day

I went grocery shopping today.  I really had no choice.  We still had food, but didn't have enough to actually put a meal together.  We were down to some serious scrounging!

Since we are at the end of a two-week pay period, I had to be careful in what I bought.  I was able to buy some extras, but really had to try to stay with items we really needed (at least until my husband gets paid).

Luckily, the grocery store we go to usually has buy one, get one free items every week.  I rarely use coupons unless I find them in the store for items already purchasing.

I spent $93.77 for $124.76 worth of food...saving $30.99 in total.  I used three coupons all found in the store.  I got 7 items free and found other items we use on sale.  I do buy some items that are generic, but not many.  Most of the items bought were brand name items.  In total I bought 48 items.  Of those 12 were generic store brand (8--frozen vegetables, 3--dry pasta, and a gallon of milk).

I've done better, but this wasn't too bad of a grocery shopping trip.

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