Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I'm a procrastinator.  Yes, really...I am!

OK...not on everything.  I do pay my bills on time (usually before they are due).  But I tend to procrastinate on most everything else.  And I like it that way.  The stress of waiting until the last minute somehow rejuvenates me into getting things done.  [I did warn you I was weird when I first started this blog, right?]

If you notice on my sidebar there is now a Financial To-Do list.  It will probably stay that way for quite a while.  Because I'm a procrastinator!  Though hubby does have an interview for a job that is 50% closer to our home than his current job, but I'm not going to get too excited about it yet (YAY!!!!!!!).  

I've had our wills done for a while now, but they are not signed.  Really I'm just waiting until our credit union opens the new branch here in town.  You know -- save the gas, drive less -- yeah, that sounds good.  It may get done in a couple of months.  Because I am a procrastinator!  

I'm even procrastinating right now by blogging!  Yep, I'm supposed to be doing my school work, put in a couple loads of laundry, run the dishwasher, perhaps finish the many home projects I've started -- there is nothing wrong with a half linoleum/half concrete kitchen floor!  

But I think I'll go get some ice cream instead and then get to work.  I do love being a procrastinator!


Sara said...

I am going to become a stalker of this blog! I love the concept here and I know if I blogged about my finances it would encourage me to be more responsible with the cash flow of our home.

Procrastinating also helps to get those bills paid before "deadline" lol!

You're New Bloggy Reader

ALNV said...

Thank you! I welcome you to my blog and look forward to any future comments you may have.