Thursday, June 26, 2008

Neighborhood Report

I've been trying to find things to write about as I wait for June to finish up and I actually go back to my finances again.

My neighbors have been providing something to talk about.  

Those two houses I mentioned in a previous post (actually 3: he lost his primary home on one street and then two investment homes on our street) were bought just a little while ago.  Well now they have been foreclosed on...AGAIN!  After two foreclosures a piece these homes are looking a bit worn out (or at least the yards are).  I hope someone buys them soon that will take care of them!

Then one of the two-story homes across the street are on the market again.  The first time they were trying to sell it in the $400K range.  It wasn't selling so they took it off the market.  After some waiting and more upgrades they have put it back on the market in the $300K range.  I wonder if they'll sell it this time.  They sure don't mind spending money in upgrades to get it sold, but how much profit are they really making once they subtract all those upgrades?

The house next door to us is still vacant.  Some guy in NY owns it as a rental, but it's been empty for almost a year.  I know he was close to foreclosing on it as well, but it seems he got himself out of that for now.  At least he keeps up the yard maintenance with lawn company that cuts the grass.  It looks better than the other two empty houses.

I'll write another neighborhood report as things happen.  

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