Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Will It Really Work?

Everyone is trying to figure out how to fix the gas price situation--produce more oil, create new rules for speculators--but will it really fix the overall situation?

Sure we'll see lower gas prices for a while.  Until we start running out of oil.  It just seems like the normal cycle.  Prices become high...people complain and have a hard time...we start talking about what we can do to save gas and money by switching to alternatives.  

Then prices go back down and while some people are still talking about alternatives, others have forgotten because gas is cheap again or we've adjusted to the higher price change.

I'm not saying that we need to make drastic changes in how we live, drive, heat our homes, et cetera--because we sure don't--but we do need to at least think about how to make changes in the long term to make it better.  No matter what the gas prices are like.  Who wants to sit around wishing we thought of better gas alternatives once the oil is gone?

Until then I'll definitely be happy with lower gas prices when and if they come.  I'll still be using it.  My husband will still be driving his gas guzzling truck 114 miles every day.  But we may think about other options for the future when it comes time for new vehicles.  I can only hope they have better ones at that time.

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