Thursday, July 31, 2008

2-Week Pay Period: July 31, 2008 and End of Month

It isn't often that both the end of a 2-week pay period and the end of the month coincide.  This was also the end of a 3-check month.

End of 2-Week:

  • The first thing I decided to do is to redirect my extra 1/2 mortgage payment transfer amount of $442.60 to my new extra loan payoff savings.  I just don't really need it for the mortgage so I figure it'll do me more good paying off some debt.  So along with some additional funds I managed to move over there, I was able to make two additional payments on the truck loan.  So this month I've made payments for August, September, and October.  And I still have $90.03 left in the extra loan payoff savings.  When it reaches another payment, then I'll send it in as an additional payment.
  • I paid $100 for my August credit card payment.  I only owed $19.00, but I'm used to paying extra.  Besides I've had to use it more often lately because of the boys' dentist appointments.  
  • I scheduled our cell phone bill for August in the amount of $63.75 (that's for two phones).
  • I paid $99.91 on a doctor's bill for what was left after copay and insurance.
  • I transferred the blow money for my husband and me; and the allowance for the boys.
End of Month:

  • Groceries: $213.59
  • Dining out: $184.31
  • Husband's Work Lunches: $138.10 (can you tell bringing his lunch to work isn't working?)
  • Gas: $570.21 (it's going down!)
  • Prescriptions: $8.20
  • Dental: $313.70
All our bills are now paid through the next pay period due on August 14th.  I may still need to update some of the numbers in the sidebar later because:
  1. the mortgage payment hasn't gone through yet and I like to see the exact loan amount remaining after the payment.
  2. interest in the savings accounts are not showing yet.
  3. I always check the truck loan after the checks have cleared as the total amount due is usually lower (I tend to overestimate the interest and underestimate the principal).
I believe that about covers this last 2-weeks and last month.  Let's hope August is a good one!

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