Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Paperless Office

Danny over at Daily Danny mentions how he has a paperless office.  I'm jealous!  I have so much paper that it's ridiculous!  I know I need to do better, but sometimes it's hard. 

Every week I print out pages and pages of lectures from my college classes.  While I also have them saved on my computer, it's hard for me to read them or refer back to them when I need them most--away from my computer.  I am thinking about "recycling" the papers by giving them to the boys to draw on or cut them into pieces for scrap paper.  But I know the best thing to do is find a way to NOT print them all out unless absolutely necessary.  Not only would we save money on printer paper, but ink, too.

The other papers I have a lot of are "important" papers.  Some actual and I'm sure there are some that are imagined important.  Danny talks about how he put them on CD.  And I'm thinking that's a great idea.  The only problem is that I'm still stuck about actually getting rid of some of the really important papers like tax returns.  I guess it's just some sort of stigma on my part that has been pounded into me--"KEEP YOUR TAX RETURNS!"  So when was the last time I needed them in an emergency?  That's right!  Never!  *sigh*  Maybe I can at least start with the less important papers and work my way up to the more important ones.

I really like his idea of returning junk mail to the sender.  Ha-ha!  I used to take everything and put it into their prepaid envelopes and send them back, but it took too much time.  It seems he just puts "Return to Sender" and throws it back into the mailbox.  Much easier and less time consuming!  Maybe eventually they'll get the hint!

Then there are the interesting things I've cut out of magazines over the years.  Such good ideas or articles I just cannot bear to give up.  All wasting space and cluttering my office with more paper!  It looks like I'll need to spend some time scanning all these to CD.

So it seems that I have another project to complete!  But this one will really clear up my paper clutter!  I might as well add scanning all my photos, too!  

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