Monday, July 28, 2008

Good Day

Today was a good day financially speaking.  While I did spend money, it wasn't as much as I was expecting.  YAY!  Well, I spent less in one place and a little more in another, but it was all for good.

OK...first I had to bring my boys to the dentist.  This was our first time here because the pediatric dentist they went to before closed his office in our city and now only has his office in the city to the north of us.  Not a long distance, but inconvenient when they have appointments during school time and I don't have time to pick the other up.  Then they both have to be pulled out of school!  Anyway, this was a new pediatric dentist, who like many dentists nowadays does not take insurance.  AT ALL!  Not a big deal because our last one didn't either.  That means I have to pay for everything up front, send in a claim form and wait for reimbursement.  I was expecting to pay hundreds of dollars today on my credit card on two kids for cleanings, x-rays (including an additional panoramic for one), and flouride treatments--to be paid off whenever the insurance company got around to sending me my money. such thing!  As a courtesy, this dental office will take a copay only, send in the claim for you, and bill you for any remainder not paid for by the insurance company.  So instead of hundreds of dollars for this initial visit I paid $50.70 in total--for both of them.  That is great considering the statement with the breakdown said the total for all services rendered was $507.00!  I still have to bring them in to take care of some other issues, but I expected that to be on top of the full bill I would have paid today.

Afterwards we went back to the new SuperTarget because I forgot a few things...mostly groceries plus I wanted to look for some sort of mats to put under the pet's homes (DS1 has a parakeet and DS2 has a betta fish).  Well, I initially needed bread and milk, but the boys had some flouride stuff painted onto their teeth and they were told not to eat anything too sugary because they cannot brush their teeth tonight.  I didn't think I had too many items they could eat so I picked up some bananas and grapes for them to snack on.  Plus it was getting late so I added some deli chicken for lunch and some french bread for dinner.  I also remembered that I forgot DS1's protractor for school when I bought school supplies.  At the register I remembered that DH needed some cash, which we rarely carry.  So I tacked on the minimum allowed--$10.  The total was $36.80--not bad considering $10.00 of it was cash, $8.29 was for items other than grocery, and $18.51 for groceries.  That brings my total groceries to $213.59 for the month.

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