Thursday, July 24, 2008

Heloc rates

Today I went to get the mail and found a letter from the company that lent our Heloc.  I got immediate visions of them saying something unlikely such as "We are sorry we've decided we want immediate payment in full."  Or something like that.  Yeah I know it's unlikely.

I opened it up and it says they are raising our interest by 0.50% because my husband no longer works for the company that gave us the Heloc and so the employee discount no longer applies.  

To be honest I was wondering what took them so long.  I mean it's been almost a year since my husband has worked for them.

Regardless it's not really a big deal right now.  Our heloc orginally started out at 7.50%, we got the employee discount of 0.50% and it went down to 7.00%, and since then it has worked its way down to 4.00%.  That means we'll be up to 4.50%.  Still not too bad.  

We don't use the Heloc that much anymore.  The balance remaining is currently like an emergency fund while we rebuild ours from when my husband was out of work.  

The only thing that will happen is that the principal amount I pay every month will be lower than usual.  I pay $300 every month.  Usually the interest is in the $100s and the rest goes to principal.  Though I've been considering only paying the interest for a while and putting the extra towards the truck payment to get it paid off even faster.  I soooo want that truck payment gone!

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