Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sidebar Figures

I see that today is going to be one of those days that I make multiple posts.  Either I've saved them all up or I'm stalling so I don't have to do my school work.  You decide which! ;-)

You may notice some changes in the sidebar.  I've added some progression bars for debt that I would like to pay off and I've removed my NCN Network thingamabob.

The debt I wish to pay off is my mortgage, heloc, truck loan, and student loans. 

The mortgage should go down gradually at first because it will be the last thing to pay off.  

The heloc is next and will probably cease to go down because of what I spoke about in my last post of putting the extra towards the truck loan.  

The truck loan is already at over 30% paid.  I'm really looking to see that get to 100% fast.  

The student loans are showing 0% paid and will continue to show 0% paid for the next several years.  It will also be increasing in size as I'm still going to college.

I've removed the NCN Network debt tracker thing because it just won't work right as long as I'm still racking up the student loan debt.

The one thing you will not notice on here is my one credit card.  That is constantly used.  I use it, I pay it down, I pay it off, I use it again.  I don't expect I'll ever get rid of it as we are not irresponsible with it.  I know a lot of people say the only way to be totally debt free is to get rid of all your debt and cut up your credit cards never to be used again, but I'm not one of them.  I believe that debt is bad, but I also believe that using a credit card is essential in certain circumstances as long as you know how to use them properly and don't go overboard.  With only a $5000 credit limit, I seriously doubt we would go very far into debt with it especially once we pay everything else off and have the extra cash every month.  Right now my credit card bill is around $59, but I always pay much more than that and have paid it off several times.  I do hope to get to the point of being able to pay it off every month, but right now getting the other debt paid off first is my big priority.  It's not what most people would do, but it works for us. hopefully this is the last post for today.  :-)

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