Saturday, July 12, 2008

Working on school work and online spending

Oh my I haven't posted for a few days.  Really I've been pretty busy with school work.  Only three more weeks until this term is over--five more weeks until the boys go back to school--six more weeks until the next term for my new classes start.  Phew!

I've been doing some shopping lately online.  I put through another order with through (got to get the cash back on my purchases).  This time I went through the house (what I should have done the first time) and made sure I had a list of anything that was needed.  I got a lot of great deals on the items I needed so it wasn't a total waste to put in another order.

I also bought some items for our home office.  I noticed that my computer that I've set up temporarily on the first table complete sticks to it sometimes and removes the paint a bit.  So I picked up some clear desk mats to protect the tables I'm making.  Those should be in next week.  

Today I bought some things for my oldest son at (also through  We promised him a parakeet.  The new PetSmart here in town doesn't open for another two weeks, but I figured we could get all the supplies now, set it up, and then go pick out a couple of parakeets when the store opens.  He's really happy about it.  In addition to the cash back with ebates, I also got 15% off from so that was great as well!

I think my shopping days will be over for a little while now.  I've pretty much bought out everything I've been meaning to buy for now.  Though I do still have my bi-weekly blow money coming up.  Gotta keep the UPS guys in business, right?

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