Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Good Shopping Trip

I had a very good shopping trip -- on my computer!

I needed some items for our family that normally I would either pick up at CVS or the grocery store when I go.  But with the boys home for the summer and gas prices the way they are, I have been trying to limit my trips out.  I really hate shopping with the boys -- it becomes so stressful!

So I went to through to check out some items.  I found everything I was looking for -- actually I forgot some items and remembered after I placed the order so I'm starting up a new list for the next time.  

Before checking out I decided to look on and see how much the same prices cost there and whether it would be cheaper with the coupons I have from previous shopping trips.  The same products generally cost $1.00 or more than they did at plus I got free shipping (would have also gotten at CVS), no sales tax (not sure about that), credit to use in October (may or may not have received another coupon at CVS), and 6% cashback from (no cashback for CVS)!

Not only did I save $2.00 at over, but I will also get about $3.17 cashback from  It definitely makes sense to compare prices before placing an order.  And looking for online deals is a must if it means not having to spend gas money when you can get something shipped to you for free.

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