Friday, August 15, 2008

2-Week Pay Period: August 14, 2008

Yesterday was the end of the last 2-week pay period so I did all the normal things.  I had $6.00 left over so I transferred that over to the Loan Payoff Savings.  Plus I transferred over the $125 that usually went towards the Heloc payment.  I now have $226.03 in there--$6.73 more to go before I can make another extra payment to the truck loan, which should be December's payment.

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Dedicated said...

Stupid Question - Does the loan company require that you make your regular payment amount? Or do you do this for ease and record keeping? Do they have a limit on how many payments you can make a month?

Or maybe you are just trying to show in your minds eye the car is being paid off, by the shrinking payment book coupons?

Just curious. Not that it matters since you will be 4 months ahead on payoff it is all good.