Monday, August 11, 2008

Been kind of lax...

...with everything!

Good thing I have all my bills paid right now.  I guess it's because I'm on "vacation" until school starts back up.  I need a regular schedule even if it is only at home.  

Luckily there haven't been any major expenses these past couple of days. *knocks on wood*

I'm waiting for the end of this 2-week pay period, which ends this Thursday night.  I'm hoping to see that I've stayed on budget.  We're cutting it kind of close this 2-week pay period.  I've already "paid" all my bills for the next 2-week pay period through bill pay -- well I've scheduled them anyway.  I decided to only pay the interest on the Heloc this month (plus extra just to round it up to the next dollar) and try paying by bill pay this time (usually I send a check).  We'll see how it goes.  I'll be putting the extra money towards paying off the truck loan.  I really want that truck loan gone!  Technically my next payment isn't due until November, but I'll be continuing to make payments anyway.

So here is my plan:
  • Pay off truck loan early
  • Start paying down Heloc until student loans come due
  • Pay off student loans as quickly as possible
  • Finish paying off Heloc
  • Work on paying off mortgage early
The last two should be easier because I should be working again by then.  The student loan payoff will take a while at the beginning since I won't be working right away, but should take off once I'm ready to get a job.


Diablolita said...

I've just been trying to put down in writing a plan like yours, having trouble. Very impressed! Planning is the first step (or so says Steve Peasley, my favorite financial advice guy online, has a podcast:

Andrea said...

Thanks, Diablolita!

I have to say that it's taken me a while to get to this specific plan. I've changed it a bit here and there, but I think I've finally got it!

Good luck with your plan!