Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ebates and storm

I received my first check from Ebates a couple of days ago.  It was for $16.42 so when I deposit it I will place it in my Loan Payoff Savings.  I believe I'll be able to send out an additional check with that.  Also for those interested though not yet signed up with Ebates, you can join now and earn $10 for using them.  If you go through my referral in the sidebar, I'll also receive $10, which will help towards paying down that truck loan!  This current offer expires September 12, 2008.

I haven't been posting much due to Tropical Storm Fay.  It has sort of taken over everything here in Florida.  We still have power, but it is basically stalled over us right now.  We are currently in the center of the eye waiting for it to crawl over us so we can get the east side of the storm over with.

I'll post again when things calm down and return back to normal.


Tracy said...

I hope the weather passes over quickly, without doing too much damage. Any alligators in your yard yet?

Andrea said...

Thanks Tracy! No alligators here as the roads in our neighborhood were fine, but I heard there were some in other cities that flooded. And catfish swimming in the streets, too!