Friday, September 26, 2008

More Future Payments

I've made out two more checks towards the truck loan!  They will be for the January and February payments.  WOOHOO!  It feels so good to be that far ahead in our payments.  I want to continue making 2 payments a month, but it's nice just knowing that if there was an emergency we won't have to make another payment until March!

And the really good news is that these two payments should bring the truck loan below $7,000!

Now I can't wait until next month so I can make payments for March and April!


LisaClark said...

Wow - you are really getting ahead of yourself with your truck payments. Isn't it nice to know that, that is one bill you don't have to worry about! It will be paid off in half the time and you have got to be saving yourself something in the way of interest.

Andrea said...

Absolutely! I feel so good paying it down!