Saturday, September 13, 2008

Way Behind

I am way behind in updating everything!  What else is new, huh?  Especially when school is in session.  

I'm trying to update what needs to be updated little by little now and get back on track.  I missed posting about more than several personal financial events including the last 2 week period.  I'll be getting to all that soon.  I hope!

I have just updated the Money Earned Online section of my sidebar.  You'll notice quite a few companies gone: Hits4Pay, Mindfield Online, Netwinner, Opinion Outpost, RewardTV, SurveySpot, Testspin, ACOP, and ClearVoice.  I've deleted my account for Hits4Pay.  I could have waited until I reached a payout amount, but I was really tired of them.  The rest have not yet been deleted, but their emails are being deleted as I receive them until I take care of that.  You'll notice the only two with a * that are still there are Send Earnings and InboxDollars.  They will remain there until a payout, then deleted, though they will remain on the list for the year of the payout received.

That's all for now.  It's getting really late and I have some schoolwork to do tomorrow.  I'll try to update some more tomorrow.

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