Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DH's New Job

Well DH started his new job Monday and so far so good.  Though this seems to be the normal "getting acclimated" time period.

Right now we're spending money for the job as opposed to bringing in a paycheck.  Even though it is meant to be a telecommuting job, his boss would like him to come in for the first week.  So we're spending a boat load on gas, and he is spending more time away from home due to the hour drive to and from the work location.  With gas prices the way they are right now, we estimate we'll be spending about $100 this week on gas alone...not including what we spent this past weekend filling up his truck.

We also have to set up a separate area for him to work in the house.  We are already cramped in our current office with both our home office supplies, so we'll be setting it up in the corner of our bedroom.  I had a desk there, but it won't work for all his equipment and the space he needs to work.  While they give him a computer, phone, chair, printer, shredder, etc., they don't give him a desk.  So I'm going to give that desk to my 9-yr-old to do his homework on and we are going to buy a more usable L-shaped desk to fit in the corner.  That's going to cost us another $140.

Unfortunately, they gave us another problem that is going to cost us up front.  The phone he was given has to be plugged into the router they gave him.  It's a huge server router that needed to be plugged into our wireless router to work.  The problem is the router is in our office and the phone needs to be in his work office in the bedroom and they only gave him a short cable.  He had to pick up 75-ft. of network cable.  That's about another $35.  I'm not thrilled to have a cable running through 3 rooms, but we'll find a way to tack it out of the way.

The pay periods at this job will run on the 15th and last day of the month instead of the 8th and 22nd of every month.  Not really that much difference so that's good.  His boss thinks he'll be paid on the 15th, but we'll have to see how that pans out.  If anything we should definitely be getting a check on the 31st.

The other financial matter relating to his new job deals with insurance.  Firstly, we don't know what it is going to cost us yet because he still doesn't have access to the system that allows him to see it.  Secondly, it won't be active until May 1st so we'll have to pay for any appointment out of pocket until then.  On the other hand, we'll also be saving on the insurance premiums.

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Ezekias said...

This blog is pretty down-to-earth. Your attitude toward household finances is refreshing.