Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We finally got hubby's March 31st paycheck last Thursday!  Phew!  Now I only hope his April 15th paycheck goes through the direct deposit correctly this time.

I've updated the sidebar now that I've actually been able to spend some money to pay off some debt and add to some savings.

I'm saving for our vacation to Italy in 2012 again.  That's $534 per month.  We may be able to get some discounts through my husband's old friend, but I'd rather not count on it.  So I'm saving up as much as possible and if we get lucky enough to get some discounts, then we'll have extra money for later.

I took another look at my payoff plan and I may be able to cut 8-10 months off of my total debt payoff.  I was only saving $190 a month to pay off the heloc, but realized that I may be able to take out $380 a month instead.  That will take care of that debt much quicker!  Crossing fingers that will be the case.  I'd really like to get the heloc cut in half so that we'll be closer to what our home is worth right now.

We'll see how that all goes though.  Right now we've just started getting paychecks again so it may take some time to sort everything out and get the perfect amount set aside for debts that we are comfortable with.


The Borrower said...

Wow - doubling your HELOC payment is huge! This will really increase progress! Thank goodness the check came - crossing fingers for smooth payments from here on out!

Debt Ditcher said...

Yes, it is! Except it will be more than doubling it...the regular payment is $110/mo. The $190 every pay period or $380/mo. is on top of the $110 monthly payment. Though the $110 mostly only pays for the finance charges and little principal. :-)