Monday, May 5, 2008

Real Estate Investing

I'm currently reading Real Estate Investing for Dummies.  I just started it today so it'll be a while before I finish it up and give my impressions on it.  

Investing in real estate has always interested me.  I think it started during my 8 years working for a mortgage company, though I really cannot pinpoint the exact time I began thinking about it.  Unfortunately, I've never done anything to prepare myself in all these years to begin investing in it.  And that is such a shame because I wish I had the money to invest now when there are so many foreclosures available.  I feel bad for the people that had their homes taken away, but at the same time the opportunities are tremendous for those that can afford to buy them.

So even though I do not as yet have the money to purchase an investment property right now, I am doing my research for when I am able to afford it.  At some point in time you will probably see a progression bar slated for real estate investment funds, which will sit at $0.00 for quite some time as my emergency fund, debt, and retirement will come first.

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