Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June Numbers

Yeah June is over!  That took a while!

You'll notice some updates on the sidebar:  

My net worth went down.  I expect this will happen quite a bit over the next few years due to different reasons.  Right now the stock market is going lower and that is messing with my retirement savings.  I also had slightly less in cash at the end of this month.  And my debt went up due to using my credit card and the payment goes through later this month.  Later my net worth will go way down because of more student loans, but they will pay down the credit card further to take care of college payments already made.

My emergency fund went up.  I earned $7.15 in interest this month!  My new savings total is $2, 776.26.

Our June spending totals look like this: 

Gas: $594.18 (We stayed under $600 this month!  Amazing!)

Dining: $232.31 (We've gone a little overboard on eating out lately.)

Groceries: $260.36 (Not bad numbers for groceries.  Of course, we've been doing more eating out.  I'll probably do another stock up this month.)

Prescriptions: $96.45 (Like I said in my mid-month post June seems to be a big month for prescriptions.)

Work Lunches (Hubby's only): $120.33 (This has been about average for him.)

Medical: $25.00 (This was an expected expense, but I will probably get a bill for this month for anything my insurance doesn't cover since it's for a specialist.)

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